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Autism pre diagnosis information pack

If you suspect your child is displaying signs of autism and are seeking a diagnosis, the process can feel daunting and overwhelming. Often there is not one single pathway to getting a diagnosis and it can feel as though there is little information or support available.

In this pre diagnosis pack are information pages about what autism is, other conditions associated with autism and the process of diagnosing and assessing autism. It also contains details of services that will be able to support you. You can create a shortlist of information pages and services that will best support your current needs.

  • Information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - What is ASD? What is ‘the spectrum’? What are the symptoms of ASD?
  • Other conditions associated with ASD - A list of other medical conditions often associated with ASD.
  • Diagnosing ASD - What are the benefits of diagnosing ASD? How do I get a diagnosis of ASD? How do the different diagnostic manuals define Autism?
  • ASD Assessment - How do I get an ASD assessment? What happens at each stage of the assessment process?

If your child has already received an ASD diagnosis, you might find it helpful to read the information in Autism: Post Diagnosis Information Pack.

Organisations offering advice and support to families

  • Autism Berkshire - supports parents and carers of children on the autism spectrum or who are waiting for a CAMHS autism assessment with workshops in Slough looking at aspects of autism and supporting children and young people with autism, including sensory needs, managing anger and emotional self-regulation.
  • Autism Independent UK - aim to bring about an increased awareness of autism and improve the quality of life for those with autism and their carers.
  • Ambitious about Autism - offer specialist education and support and can provide specialist training for parents/carers of children with autism.