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Slough Borough Council - DSG Deficit Management Plan

In accordance with DSG Conditions of Grant 2020 to 2021, Slough Borough Council has created a DSG Deficit Management Plan, that will be utilised as a strategic tool within future decision making, in relation to long term expenditure within the High Needs Block of the DSG (Dedicated Schools Grant).

The DSG Deficit Management Plan has been designed to reflect forecasted income and expenditure in relation to the DSG received by Slough Borough Council. A large part of this funding is focussed on supporting Special Educational Needs and Inclusion within our education settings, via the High Needs Block – part of the DSG. The Management Plan is therefore designed to focus on providing clear information on the pressures and potential savings on the High Needs Block budgets over the coming years, where the Council will  work towards operating with in-year balanced budgets.

The Management Plan will be presented to Schools Forum at least on a termly basis, and considered as a live document to be used during strategic decision making by the Council and stakeholders. Updated versions of the Management Plan will also be uploaded to the Local Offer for public consumption.