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Support for SEND in Slough, ambition and strategy for: a system that works for everyone - Slough SEND Strategy

Our ambition for a system that works for everyone

This overarching strategy describes our collective ambition for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) aged 0-25. It sets out our shared commitment to work together to create a system of support and provision that truly works for everyone.

We know that current arrangements still do not work well enough:

• Children and young people with SEND still achieve much poorer outcomes than their peers
• Too often families believe that they have to battle to get the support they need
• There is not enough trust and confidence across the system

The challenges are complex, deep-seated and involve many stakeholders. They call on us to change how we work with each other and with children and young people with SEND and their families, to focus relentlessly on improving outcomes, offer more choice and control and, critically, earn their trust and confidence.

Success depends on fundamental, systemwide, cultural and behavioural change. We believe that we are making progress, but appreciate that there is more to do.

This ambition and strategy is deliberately set at a high level. We have chosen not to set it within a specific time frame. We want it to provide a clear sense of direction against which we can plan our work together, monitor our progress and make adjustments where and when they are required.
This ambition and strategy is supported and brought to life by:

• Individual plans from key, multi-agency, work streams for: Joint Commissioning, Capacity Building/workforce development, Participation and Engagement, Preparation for Adulthood and Quality and Performance

• Our local area data strategy for SEND, including a data dash board and outcomes framework

This is - and will continue to be - a “working draft”. We expect it to evolve as circumstances change. We must be agile and adaptable - prepared, where necessary, to change direction to succeed. We see this as the beginning of a process. We will continue to engage and work with our partners to secure a shared understanding of our ambition, the challenges we face and how, together, we can achieve our goals.

'Support for SEND in Slough, Ambition and strategy for: a system that works for everyone' - Slough SEND Strategy, is available in the Downloads section.