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Slough Borough Council - Accessibility strategy

Slough Borough Council's Accessibility strategy - We, with the Slough Children's Partnership, have a series of key strategic documents which outline the vision, improvement priorities, targets and actions to improve the life chances of children and young people in Slough. Information on Slough Borough Council's Accessibility strategy, Budget statements for schools, Scheme for Financing Schools and Slough Schools Forum is available here

Slough’s Third Local Transport Plan (SLTP) - Having access to transport is vital for people to maintain independence, prevent social isolation and ensure good quality of life. Transport accessibility, therefore, is particularly important for older people who are at risk of being socially isolated of and losing their independence. This section will primarily discuss access to public transportation and specifically excludes transport provided directly by the NHS. The importance of accessibility is recognised in Slough’s Third Local Transport Plan (SLTP) which sets out an accessibility strategy up to 2026. As part of Slough’s Third Local Transport Plan (LTP3) the LTP3 Accessibility Supplementary Strategy Document sets out an accessibility strategy for up to 2026.

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