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Finding Schools

In Slough, there are different types of schools which a child or young person with SEND may be able to attend. 

Parents can apply for their child to attend a mainstream school by making an application through the Slough admissions process

A child or young person with an Education Health and Care Plan or statement may be able to attend a Resource Base within a mainstream school or a Special School.  

During the Education, Health & Care (EHC) assessment process parents can choose which school, school with resource base or special school they would prefer their child to attend. They can ask for support with this choice from the Slough SEND Information Advice and Support Service. The choices will considered at the SEN Advisory Panel and applications will be made to appropriate placements. 

Mainstream schools

The needs of most pupils with SEND can be met in one of Slough’s mainstream Primary or Secondary schools. For a list of these schools click here:

Mainstream schools with a Resource Base

Some mainstream schools have a resource base or unit within the school that specialises in supporting pupils with particular needs. For a list of these schools click here:

Special schools

If the needs of a pupil with SEND cannot be met in a mainstream school either in the main classroom or a resource base within the school they may be placed in a special school.

Independent schools provides a list of independent schools for pupils with special educational needs, including those approved under section 41 of the Children and Families Act.

SEN Information Report

All schools must publish their own local offer (also known as the SEN Information Report). This should be available on the school’s website.

The report must provide information about:

  • how the school will identify a child or young person with SEND
  • what kinds of SEN support the school provides
  • the school’s approach to teaching children and young people with SEN.
  • How they consult with parents and involve them in their child’s education.

Out of borough schools

A list of out of borough schools is available on Slough Family Information Service website.