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Slough Children's Centres - Health and Development


All drop-in clinics, weaning sessions and well-baby groups have been cancelled until further notice due to the COVID 19 outbreak to avoid any risks. However, the Public Health Nursing 4 Slough team can still be reached on the duty line on 0800 7723578. For any further information, please visit our website

Slough Children's Centres provides support, advice and drop in sessions to maintain your child's health and development.

Baby Group - Spending time getting to know your baby and meeting other new mums is what makes the Baby Group an essential session for so many first time parents.  Games, singing, sensory play and a range of messy play make this a fun and informal session for all parents with young babies. 50p per week per person.  

Play and Learn for Fathers - An opportunity for fathers and their children to come along and play together, read stories and meet other dads. 50p per person.   

Health Visitors Clinic - An opportunity to meet with a Health Visitor to get your baby weighed and ask any questions you might have regarding your baby’s health and development.  Also collect your Healthy Start Vitamins.  Your Health Visitor can tell you if you qualify.  Please bring your red book.   

Health Visitor Reviews - The 9-12 month and 2 year old health checks take place at various Children’s Centres in Slough.  Your Health Visitor will send you a letter of appointment for these checks. Parents bringing children to 9-12 month reviews will be issued with a free toothbrush and toothpaste for that child. Contact your Health Visitor for more information.  

Breastfeeding Support - An opportunity to seek support and advice from a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter if you are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding your baby.  Available to all breastfeeding mums living in Slough. Please bring your red book.  

Speech & Language Drop-in - An opportunity to meet with a Speech and Language Therapist if you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech and communication development.  Available for any family with a child between birth and pre-school age living in Slough.

CAPS (Children’s Activities, Parental Support) - for families of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

  • SEND Support, Information and Advice Sessions -Book a 1 to 1 session with one of our professionals who can help with a range of SEND issues including education, finance, behaviour strategies and specialist activities.
  • SEND Sessions - led by Specialist SEND early years practitioners. Targeted learning sessions in four week blocks. 
  • ROOTS - Support group for parents/carers - relaxed, informal get-togethers with refreshments.
  • Play and Learn Session - By invitation

Visit Slough Children's Centres for details.

Top Tip:

Each day around 40 under 5's are rushed to hospital after choking on something, or swallowing something dangerous. Food is the most likely cause. When preparing grapes regardless of how small they are, they must be cut lengthwise to reduce the width so that they will not cause a choking hazard to young children.