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Bereavement Support - Resources

Current resources and resources in development


Existing MindEd content

Please see below links on bereavement support information for parents and carers, co-created by parent experts by experience with a professional author, accessible on the MindEd website in the Families section - commissioned by DfE in 2016.

1) Death and Loss  (for parents and carers with Easy Read PDF)

2) Loss and Grief (for all frontline professionals including teachers)

DFE funded MindEd for Families work 

3) Trauma and coping (for parents and carers with Easy Read PDF)


Existing wider elfh Content

We have added an End of life Care and Bereavement programme to the Coronavirus elfh Hub that has resources aimed at professionals supporting end of life care and bereavement.

1) Practical Support After a Bereavement

2) Sudden Death and Bereavement

3) Children and Bereavement


The link here will take you to a list of important related topics, under “end of life care and bereavement psychological aspects" the heading of “communication skills in end of life care” including breaking bad news, using the telephone to break bad news, communicating with children about death of a parent etc. 


New MindEd Covid focussed support to teachers and schools top tips coping with loss bereavement and trauma in Covid times - Content in planning phase

MindEd is planning to create new top tips for teachers and schools in the topic of bereavement, loss and trauma, PTSD in Covid, to add to the webpage based top tips MindEd Coronavirus Resilience Hub format. This resource has already attracted 13,000 unique users in less than a month.

An additional phase of this work will be to develop this work in quick-to-digest top tips for teachers and schools, and for these tips to also serve as an introduction to deeper topics with more detailed learning inside the MindEd and Elfh family of resources, as well as signposting to other good resources.