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Children of all ages enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things to do. Often Parents and carers can go with their children to join in the fun. You can go with your young children to different activities such as baby massage, parent and toddler groups, baby signing and rhyme time, even football for 2 year olds! As children get older they may want to get involved in sports, music or activities that teach them new skills.

There are sports and leisure facilities in Slough that families can access. There are also many sports and activity clubs that offer specialist activities for all ages of children; football, martial arts or athletics clubs, arts & music groups, voluntary groups, heritage and history groups. There are also many outdoor open spaces including local parks and play spaces with new and exciting equipment to play on. These provide a wealth of free activities.

If you find an activity or club for your children it's important to make sure that the people who are running the activity/club are suitable to do so. Ask to see their Child Protection Policy.

Not found what you are looking for? Try returning to our keyword search and use speech marks to search for something specific. Still not found what you are looking for? Email us on or call 01753 476589 and we will try our best to help.

During Covid-19, many providers offer online activities. Please contact the providers directly for further information.