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Local Offer - Things to do

Local Offer - Things to do

Finding activities for your child in and around your local area can be a challenging task. There may appear to be an abundance of activities, but actually not so many when your child has special needs.

So many factors have to be taken into account and by the time you’ve narrowed down the search by age, disability, location, cost, accessibility, disabled access, wheelchair friendly and more, the list is reduced considerably.

There are different types of activities available, clubs that are specifically designed around the needs of children/young people with special needs that also offer a short break and clubs where the parent/carer stays. Some parents prefer an inclusive club where all children are welcome and this works very well for some children/young people.

Majority of the clubs have to be paid for and prices vary dependent on what they are offering and if there is any funding to help with costs.  

During the Covid-19, many providers offer online activities. Please contact the providers directly for further information.