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Welcome to Slough for Practitioners, where we hope to support all professionals working with children, young people, parents/carers and families. 

Useful services 

In this section we have  a range of information relating to local and national services, along with referral information, so that you can find help and support for children, young people and families when they need it, without having to do it all on your own.

Useful resources

In this section you will find useful resources that can be used towards building your own toolkit to support children, young people and families. All resources are downloadable and free to use.

If you have safeguarding concern about a child who may be at risk of harm, Slough Children First can offer advice and support.

Other key sources of information and useful resources can also be found on the Slough Safeguarding Partnership website, along with the multi-agency training offer.

If you have any feedback on the content of the website, and any suggestions on how we can improve what’s available, including any updates, please email us on