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Local Offer - Health & Wellbeing

Local Offer
Your family’s health and wellbeing is most important and there are many issues that may cause concern. These can be varied - from you and your children’s health and happiness to protecting your children online, from healthy eating to child safety in the home or…

Local Offer - Money and Benefits

Local Offer
There are many different sources of help for families with financial and legal concerns so it can be confusing knowing what's available, what you're entitled to and how to access the help you need. If you're worried about benefits or tax credits, housing or schools…

Local Offer - News and Events

Local Offer
In this section of the Local Offer you will be able to find out what’s new and what’s going on. This will be specific information for children, young people and families with special educational needs and disabilities. It will also include information about any consultations…

Local Offer - Preparing for Adulthood

Local Offer
Preparing for adulthood can involve leaving school, transferring from children and family services to adult social care services, and/or transferring from paediatric services to adult health services. Family carers are often concerned about what will happen when their young person leaves full-time education. They may also…

Local Offer - Things to do

Local Offer
Finding activities for your child in and around your local area can be a challenging task. There may appear to be an abundance of activities, but actually not so many when your child has special needs. So many factors have to be taken into account…

The Local Offer – Consultations and Feedback

Local Offer
Local Authorities have a duty to publish a Local Offer, setting out in one place information about services available across education, health & social care for children & young people who have special educational needs or disability. The requirements can be found in The SEND…

Loneliness and reconnection guide

The University of Bath have also put together a practical guide on loneliness and reconnection for parents, teachers and practitioners about what loneliness is and things that can help.

Make your mark

Group of young people with an award
If you’d like to influence what happens in your local area and help plan the services provided for you then there are lots of opportunities for you to make a difference, from inspecting and choosing services, to consultations and getting involved in decision making. You…


When you're experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life. Mind empowers you to understand their condition and the choices available to them. Take a look at the Information and Support section.