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Katherine Wendy Szpur - Childminder

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Katherine has always worked to the view that children need to have fun in a safe, caring environment. She likes to provide a wide range of age & development appropriate toys, equipment & experiences that reflect different cultures, preferences & abilities. She believes that working with parents is best practice and to everybodys advantage. Katherine is approachable and friendly and hopes to encourage confidence in every child and their families.

Who to contact

Kathy Szpur
07545 537301

Where to go

57, Corfe Gardens

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Autism spectrum
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Extended Local Offer Response

Special Educational Needs Policy

I give all children in my care the opportunity to reach their full potential. Sometimes this means adapting an activity to the child's ability and stage of development, providing additional resources or giving one child more attention and support than others during a particular activity or routine.

All children in my care are given the opportunity to play with all the toys (subject to health and safety with children under 3 years of age and parental permission) No toys are just for girls or just for boys. I try to ensure my toys reflect positive images of children and people from different cultures and with different abilities. I have toys and resources that challenge stereotypical ideas on what careers are open to men and women.

No child in my care will be discriminated against in anyway, whether for their skin colour, culture, gender, ability (physical or mental) or religion. I will challenge any remarks that I feel are inappropriate. 

Teaching and Learning

I encourage the children in my care to learn more about their own culture and to find out about the culture and religions of other children. We do this in a fun way through sharing books, colouring sheets, cooking and eating food from around the world and celebrating special festivals. I will provide resources such as dressing up clothes and multicultural skin tone arts equipment.

I encourage the children to develop a healthy respect of each others differences and to value everyone as an individual.

I encourage Parents to share with us any festivals, special occasions or artifacts, which may enhance the childrens learning and understanding.

Identifying and Assessing Special Educational Needs

I am aware that some children may have special needs and to be proactive in ensuring that appropriate action is taken when a child is identified as having special needs or starts in my care. I must promote the welfare and development of the child in partnership with parents and other relevant agencies.

I have, therefore, put the following procedures in place:

If I think a child in my care has a special need I will:

Keep observational notes.

Share these with the child's parents.

Discuss what support is available.

Keep all matters confidential.


Involving Parents and Children and Young People in Planning and Reviewing Progress

If I am caring for a child with special needs I will include them by:

Valuing and acknowledging children's individuality and help them to feel good about themselves.

Seek information from parents about the child's routines, likes and dislikes.

Adapting activities to enable children with special needs to take part.

Arrange access to specialist equipment if needed.

Consider any risk factors.

Encourage childrens confidence and independence.

I will work in partnership with parents and discuss:

Agencies that are also involved in the child's support and care.

Equipment that the child may need.

Advice or support that will help me to provide the best care possible for their child.

Additional Support

As the setting is adapted/ rotated for individual interests and to ensure access to all, the additional needs of any child attending the setting will be assessed and supported as best as we are able.

Specialists can be accessed if needed via referrals and working with parents and health care professionals 

Extra Activities

There is no barrier to participation or learning achievement in the activities , play groups or outings we go on as a setting.

  1. Outdoor learning -higher ratios for safety might be required 
  2. Tvap - is specific for children with additional needs
  3. Ncma - noisey but each child responds differently and has different requirements -so assess and adapt where possible
  4. childminders singing group at the library - noisey so same as above
  5. Phoenix gym- higher ratios for safety might be required
  6. Allotment- higher ratios for safety might be required or easy access required 

Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children and Young People with SEN

Children all react to difficult and stressful times in their lives differently ,with knowing the child and regular ongoing communication with parents/carers and observations (visual or verbal) we can work together to meet the child's social and emotional needs.

Keeping Up to Date with Knowledge and Skills

I used to volunteer for the Berkshire Autistic Society and a member of the National Deaf Children's Society. I receive regular local and regional updates and information from these societies by email and post

Im ongoing in my own quality assurance document and training updates via my local development worker

I will with permission from parents/carers seek help from other professionals when needed.


My settling in and transition procedures are very much based on the individual child's needs and requirements , worked out and with the parent the child and the next or previous setting.

My priority is time, continuity and the use of visual aids, visits and social stories. 

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This information has been collected from third party providers therefore the Slough Family Information Service website and Slough Borough Council cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information and recommends that parents, carers, young people, residents and professionals check with providers regarding DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) and OFSTED registrations and CQC registrations