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Disabled Access Holidays

Disabled Access Holidays is an expert travel agency specialising in arranging holiday packages for the disabled people. Following are the services provided by this organisation: 

  • Booking flights from most UK airports and arranging assistance at the airport
  • Recommending accessible hotels, apartments and villas in a variety of wheelchair accessible resorts
  • Helping disabled travellers by suggesting properties with wheel-in showers, pool hoists, ramped pool access and other services often required by disabled people on holiday
  • Guaranteed adapted rooms upon confirmation of booking
  • Arranging transfers in adapted vehicles
  • Sourcing and booking mobility equipment essential for day to day living.

Who to contact

Kathanna McGivern
Disabled Access Holidays

Where to go

Disabled Access Holidays
84, Berkeley street
Charing X
G3 7DS

We also have a London office, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 994 9000.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm Sat: 9am-2pm 
Disabled Access Holidays
83 Victoria St
London, SW1H 0HW


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Other notes

Disabled holidays in England are fully enjoyable, comfortable and luxurious. England has got many famous place disabled accessible resorts. List of disabled accessible hotels in England are: • Links to find out Wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation in South-West of England are: 1. Accessible accommodation in Cornwall 2. Disabled holidays in Cornwall 3. Accessible holidays in Cornwall 4. Accessible accommodation in Devon 5. Disabled holidays in Devon 6. Accessible Holidays in Devon 7. Accessible accommodation in Somerset 8. Disabled holidays in Somerset 9. Accessible holidays in Somerset 10. Accessible accommodation in Gloucestershire 11. Disabled holidays in Gloucestershire 12. Accessible holidays in Gloucestershire 13. Accessible accommodation in Dorset 14. Disabled holidays in Dorset 15. Accessible holidays in Dorset Links to find accessible accommodation in North-West of England are: 16. Accessible accommodation in Lancashire 17. Accessible holidays in Lancashire 18. Disabled holidays in Lancashire 19. Accessible accommodation in Cheshire 20. Accessible holidays in Cheshire 21. Disabled holidays in Cheshire 22. Accessible accommodation in Cumbria 23. Disabled holidays in CumbriaAccessible holidays in Cumbria List of popular links to find accessible accommodation in North-East of England are: 24. Disabled holidays in Northumberland 25. Accessible holidays in Northumberland 26. Accessible accommodation in Northumberland List of popular links to find out accessible accommodation in West Midlands of England are: 27. Accessible holidays in Shropshire 28. Disabled holidays in Shropshire 29. Accessible accommodation in Shropshire List of popular links to find accessible holiday accommodation in East Midlands of England are: 30. Accessible accommodation in Lincolnshire 31. Accessible holidays in Lincolnshire 32. Disabled holidays in Lincolnshire 33. Accessible holidays in Derbyshire 34. Disabled holidays in Derbyshire 35. Accessible accommodation in Derbyshire List of popular links to find out Wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation in the North Yorkshire: 36. Accessible holidays in North Yorkshire 37. Accessible hotels in North Yorkshire 38. Disabled holidays in North Yorkshire


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