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Talking Therapies - depression & anxiety before and after childbirth

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The time during pregnancy and the first year after the birth is referred to as the perinatal period. Having a baby can bring a lot of excitement, joy and happiness but we also know that it can be a time of great changes to your life and responsibilities and that lots of mums and dads struggle with their own emotional well-being during this time. 

You may feel that you are the only one feeling as you do, but about 1 in 5 women experience an emotional difficulty at some point during the perinatal period (but most don't feel they can tell anyone else). More than 1 in 3 new fathers are concerned about their mental health during this time and about 1 in 10 can experience depression (often a few months after the birth) and often find it even harder to tell others how they are feeling. What we do know though is that it is important to look after yourself during this time.

But did you know?

10% of new dads are thought to experience depression often starting a few months after the birth and can experience PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) if they witnessed a traumatic birth of their partner - link to Dads Matter UK. Between 1.5% and 6% of women who give birth may suffer from these symptoms more often after the birth of their baby. - link to PTSD UK 

11% of women may experience an increase or occurrence of OCD (obsessive complusive disorder) sometimes with distressing and intrusive thoughts - link to Maternal OCD 

10% of pregnant women suffer from Post Natal Depression (PND)

10-15% of women suffer from depression after having a baby

15-20% of women suffer from anxiety before and after having a baby 

There is lots of support available including a range of self help resources  -see useful contacts. You can self refer to Talking Therapies

If you need urgent help it is important to get the help that you need, please visit our I need help now page.

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Talking Therapies


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