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Karma Nirvana - Honour Based Violence & Forced Marriage Helpline

Are you being forced into a marriage? Are you worried that you will let your family down if you refuse an arranged marriage? Do you fear you may bring shame on your family or take away their honour?

You are not alone. We can help you.

If you are being pressured to enter a marriage against your will, or suffering from honour abuse, we can help. Call our helpline today on 0800 5999 247.

We are a confidential service, however we may need to contact other professionals if we feel that you, or someone you are with, is in immediate danger.

Whatever your circumstances, we can listen and help. When you talk to us, you can trust that we will not divulge any information to your family members, friends or other individuals. 

Who to contact

0800 5999 247
Karma Nirvana - Support Group

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Age Suitability

Age Range
From 16 years, 0 months


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