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Building Resilience and Valuing Emotions (BRAVE) project - Emotional Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse

More about the project

• A service providing therapeutic support for victims of domestic abuse with additional emotional or psychological difficulties in East Berkshire.
• There will be a period of initial assessment and engagement involving one-to-one sessions (lasting up to 8 weeks), followed by a 12 week group-based programme. There will be a review at the end of the group and consideration of how to continue moving forward.
• The one-to-one sessions will allow for assessment and understanding of an individual’s current situation and explore how they may have been vulnerable to developing these difficulties. Sometimes our best efforts to escape from pain and distress can keep us trapped in unhelpful cycles, for example by using substances or selfharm to cope. The one-to-one sessions will support individuals to identify possible exits from these cycles.
• The group programme allows individuals to learn new skills and alternative ways of coping with life’s difficulties. A small group approach allows for peer support and validation, and the benefits of group problem-solving.
• This is a three year pilot project and so the programme will be adapted to best meet the needs of this group of individuals.

Referral criteria:

• Women and men who have been in violent and/or abuse relationships and also experience psychological/emotional difficulties (for example low mood, anxiety, trauma symptoms);
• Repeated relationships where there has been domestic abuse, or the possibility they may continue to get involved in abusive relationships;
• Living in East Berkshire (Slough, RBWM, Bracknell);
• Over 18 years old;
• Do not necessarily need to have children;
• Willing to learn new skills to manage emotions in order to avoid longer term difficulties;
• Be open to a small group intervention (groups will be single sex). Individuals will not be asked to talk about their stories or experiences in the group.

Please complete the referral form in the 'Downloads' section and send it with an updated risk assessment to:

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Other Details

Age Suitability

Age Range
From 18 years, 0 months


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