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Hestia - Freedom Programme

Hestia will be providing a specialist domestic abuse service in Slough, including outreach support for individuals across East Berkshire. This service will provide practical and emotional support to women, men and children who are victims of domestic abuse via:

  • adult 16+ Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (IDVA)
  • outreach support (including specialist provision for BAMER groups)
  • group-based support.
  • free fun-filled family fitness sessions for families within Hestia’s service, suitable for all ages and abilities.

Hestia opening hours are Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm. You can email or call 01753 477352.

Bright Sky is a free to download mobile app provided by Hestia providing support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know. Find out more about Bright Sky

Hestia offers the Freedom Programme - a 10-12 week domestic abuse course which looks at the attitudes and beliefs of abusive men and how this impacts the victims of their abuse. It aims to help women make sense of the abuse so that they can understand what has happened to them, recognise that they are not to blame and identify tactics of abusers, therefore understanding what a healthy relationship should look like. The importance of the group work allows women attending the programme to see that they are not alone and they are able to offer one another support in a non-judgmental environment. The freedom programme also looks at how children are affected by domestic abuse and living in an abusive environment and how their lives change once the abuse is removed. 

Who to contact

01753 477352

Where to go

Hawker House
Heathrow West Business Park
Heron Drive

Other Details


via Hestia

Age Suitability

Age Range
From 16 years, 0 months


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