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Slough Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information Advice and Support Service

Parents/Carers have been supported by information, advice and support provided by SEND Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) (formerly Parent Partnership) for many years. Our Information, Advice and Support Service offers free, impartial and confidential information, advice and support  to parents and carers of children and young people with SEND. 


We have a role in ensuring parents and young peoples' views are heard, understood and respected. We aim to increase parents' confidence in being able to make informed choices and decisions. Support provided will vary depending on each individual, for example:

  • how special educational needs are identified and assessed.  
  • Who parents/carers and young people should talk to 
  • inform parents/carers and young people of their rights and schools' responsibilities. 

The SEND Information Advice and Support Service has extended and is enhanced  to offer information about health and social care provision, support for parents of  children and young  people up to the age of 25 and individual support to young people themselves who live in the Slough Borough. 


Further information and guidance is available in the Downloads section. 

The SEND Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) welcomes your views on the service you have received and invite you share your feedback here.




Who to contact

SEND Information Advice and Support Service
01753 787693
SEND Information Advice and Support Service

Where to go

St Martin's Place
51, Bath Road


Other Details


Self Referral
Other notes

If you have concerns about special educational needs or disability (SEND) we can provide:

  • Free, impartial, confidential information advice and support for parents/carers of children with SEN or Disability.
  • Free, impartial, confidential information, advice and support for young people with SEN or Disability in education aged 16-25.
  • We offer support from birth to 25 - Early Years ; 0-4 - Primary: 4-11 - Secondary: 11-16 - Post 16-25
  • We Offer: Helpline support- open between 9:00am -17:00pm
  • Email Support
  • Meetings in locations to suit Parents, children and young people's needs. Independent Parental Supporters (IPS) support at meetings(see below)
  • Independent Support (IS) for parents and young people who are going through the EHC needs assessment
  • Help in understanding professional reports
  • Support with transition at each educational stage
  • Support communication with professionals e.g. writing letters, emails, emails and telephone calls.
  • Support to achieve positive outcomes at meetings and reviews about your child.
  • Help in understanding professional reports.
  • Guidance on Statement of SEN or Disability and education health and Care Plans (EHCP's) Dispute and disagreement resolution at all stages with schools and the Local Authority Advice on systems, procedures and processes related to SEN Support with SEND Tribunals Support and advice with post 16 options Information on Health and Social Care policies and procedures.
  • Workshops and sessions at children and family centre on topic related to SEN or a Disability Signposting to other support services.
  • Website (limited information available) Information leaflets (limited information available) Independent Parental Supporters (IPS) An Independent Parental Support (IPS) is a volunteer who has completed training provided by the SEND Advice & Support Service. An IPS can accompany parents/carers to meetings with professionals e.g. school or Local Authority to support mediation. An IPS can also meet with parents/carers to talk through any difficulties at: 

(1) St Martins Place, 51 Bath Road, SL1 3UF

(1) Any of the 10 Children's Centres across the Borough.

NB: The IPS support is subject to an IPS being available when requested

Local Offer

Contact Name
SEND Information Advice and Support Service
Contact Telephone
01753 787693
Contact Email
Independent Parental Special Education Advice
Special Voices
Council for Disabled Children
SEN Code of Practice 0-25
Children and Families Act 2014
Contact a Family
Equality Act 2010, Education, Part 6
Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years (0-4 years)
Primary (4-10 years)
Secondary (11-16 years)
Transitions to Adulthood (16+)

Extended Local Offer Response

Is your service accessible?
Our service is very accessible and as a service we can provide you with impartial and confidential information and support about additional or special educational needs.
What are the eligibility criteria for your service?
At SEND Advice and Support Service, we offer advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people who have or may have special educational needs or disability. The age group we cover is from 0-25.
How are referrals/applications made to your service?
The service is voluntary, free of charge, self referal and open to any age group.
What is your service standard for responding to referrals/accessing services?
If you would like to speak to someone in person, for further information or support you can ring us on 01753 787693. We will be happy to help you with your enquiry. If we cannot deal with your query immediately, we will respond within 2 working days. Or you can email us at: We have an out of hours helpline:07899 784902
Local Authority
Details of charges
The service is free of charge and self referal.
Feedback and complaints procedure
We always appreciate any positive comments about our service or suggestions for ways that we might improve it. If you feel... •unhappy about any aspect of the work of our service or •we’ve failed to do something or •we’ve done something wrong you can contact the service by phone or by writing to: SEND Advice and Support Service, Liz Scott, Assessment and Information Manager St Martins Place, 51 Bath Road, Slough SL1 3UF We will respond to any complaints quickly and sensitively. All your comments will be dealt with in confidence, with fairness and respect. You will receive a written response to your concerns within 5 working days. If you still feel dissatisfied, the matter will be passed to the Head of the Children's Services, Slough Borough Council.
How will I know my child will be safe using this service?
All staff are CRB cleared.
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This information has been collected from third party providers therefore the Slough Family Information Service website and Slough Borough Council cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information and recommends that parents, carers, young people, residents and professionals check with providers regarding DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) and OFSTED registrations and CQC registrations

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