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St Anthony's Catholic Primary School & Nursery

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Maggie Stacey
01753 645828

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St Anthony's Catholic Primary School & Nursery
Farnham Road
Farnham Royal

Local Offer


Learning, Growing and Living with Jesus  

St. Anthony’s School Local Offer for children with Special Educational Need

At St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery we aim for all children to have equal opportunity to attain the highest standards in all areas of learning and to be ‘secondary school’ ready.  We believe that all children are unique and are built in the image of God. We therefore expect to treat children in the manner that enables them to be the ‘best they can be’ as they: 

Learn, Grow and Live with Jesus 

We aim for all to: 

  • learn as Jesus taught us to use all our talents to attain the highest standards
  • grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially with Jesus as our guide
  • live as Jesus taught us to serve one another in love 

25th May 2016

Contact Name
Mrs Margaret Stacey
Contact Telephone
01753 645828
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Extended Local Offer Response

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning: 

At St. Anthony’s School we aim for outcomes to be high because we provide:-

  • consistently high quality teaching for all  children differentiated to provide appropriate challenge
  • a creative curriculum where children participate fully and develop skills for learning and for life
  • A positive learning environment that facilitates effective learning
  • Aspirational target setting linked to our comprehensive data tracking system
  • Strong leadership at all levels
  • Effective partnerships that support learning 

We recognise that in every year there are likely to be children for whom our curriculum may need to be further modified. For these children we will ensure that a bespoke curriculum is made available to them, such that, as in keeping with our mission, they too will be enabled to achieve their potential.

25th May 2016

Identifying and Assessing Special Educational Needs

Identifying and Assessing Special Educational Needs (SEN):

All children at St. Anthony’s are assessed using our on line tracking system called Incerts. This enables all staff to identify children who need a little, as well as significant support. Early identification of need is considered a priority and all children will have a home visit before they start school to enable parents/carers to share any early developmental issues.

Once any area of concern has been raised (either by staff or parent) we shall request the input from other professional services e.g. Speech and Language, Educational Psychology, Child and Mental Health, Occupational Health Services, Physiotherapist etc. 

25th May 2016

Involving Parents and Children and Young People in Planning and Reviewing Progress

Involving Parents and Children in Planning and Review Process:

Parents will be informed as soon as any area of concern has been identified. It is considered good practice at St. Anthony’s for parents to be actively involved in the learning process and there are several opportunities in every year where parents are invited to come to school to work in partnership to foster good learning.

 When a child has a significant special need an Education, Health and Care Plan will be drawn up with all stakeholders taking an active part in the process. Children who do not qualify for an Education, Health and Care Plan but have a special educational need have a ‘blue folder’ system. This acts as a guide to next steps in learning as well as tracking of progress and liaising with parents. The children are fully involved in the target setting process.

25th May 2016

Additional Support

Additional Support:  

The school will purchase in association with key specialists any necessary additional equipment e.g. standing frames, electrical equipment etc. that enables a child to have equal access to the curriculum. It will liaise with other specialists to ensure best practice is followed e.g. in delivering speech and language programmes, physical exercises etc. The programme designed for the child with a special educational need will be pertinent to them. It will cover aspects of the curriculum and or personal health and well-being as considered necessary by all parties in ensuring that the child’s needs are firmly at the centre to ensure that their education is progressed in all areas. 

25th May 2016

Extra Activities

Extra Activities: 

All children are invited to attend a comprehensive collection of clubs. At Key Stage 2 all children must participate in a lunch time club. There is a choice of clubs available and the range is set so that there is ‘something’ for everyone. A child with special educational need will be expected to join in the lunch time clubs supported if necessary by appropriate personnel or equipment. After school clubs are similarly available to all children but these are on a voluntary basis; therefore if a child with special educational need wishes to attend a club, the school will endeavour to meet any extra provision that is required to enable them to participate.

In year 5 and year 6 all the children are encouraged to take part in a residential visit. Year 5 is largely outdoor pursuits and year 6 is to foster challenge and change in a spiritual environment. Both visits are considered a valuable learning opportunity and every child is encouraged to attend. We would therefore facilitate, in as far as it is possible, any child attending and if necessary make appropriate provision in collaboration and cooperation of both, the centres, the child and the parents.

25th May 2016


Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children and Young People with SEN

Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of children with SEN:

Children may at any time require extra support from specialists to manage a difficult situation. When the need arises, we work in collaboration with such services as Daisy’s Dream etc. We have two members of trained staff whose role is to act as a ‘learning mentor’. They support vulnerable children in time of need in collaboration with parents and teachers. We offer help for children who have ‘friendship’ issues by having a buddying system where the older children look after the younger children as well as a ‘guardian angel’ system to promote positive play in the playground. Staff also support children with a ‘circle of friends’ activity to foster positive relationships. Our School Council is the voice of the children and is open to all, everyone is encouraged to participate from year 1 upwards.

25th May 2016


Keeping Up to Date with Knowledge and Skills

Keeping up to date with Knowledge and Skills:  

We are a school that believes it is important for all to have access to high quality learning opportunities. All staff participate in a minimum of 5 days of training each year. Last academic year training included: setting up Family Fun, Attachment Theory and Challenging Behaviour. The majority of our support staff hold NVQ level 2 and level 3 qualifications and 5 hold degrees with three others currently studying for their degrees.  All teaching staff have as a minimum an appropriate degree with many members of staff having further qualifications. Continuous professional development is considered a priority.

25th May 2016



In every year group there will be children for whom change is a challenge. Thus at St. Anthony’s we have a transition time at the end of the Pentecost term when all children spend quality time in their new classroom with (if possible) their new teacher. Social stories are always prepared for children who would find the change significantly difficult e.g. children with autism. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the process by celebrating the end of the academic year with an open afternoon where they view the children’s work and review the year completing a questionnaire with their child.

25th May 2016

Helpful Contacts

Helpful Contacts:

Any concerns about your child in the first instance should be referred to the class teacher. 

The Headteacher, Mrs Stacey is always available to meet with any parents who are anxious. Please contact the Office Manager, Mrs Dhami, on 01753 645 828 to make an appointment.

The Local Authority has a point of contact please refer to the Slough Borough Council website under ‘Local Offer’. 

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