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Counselling: Youth Talk (Windsor)

Windsor & Maidenhead Youth and Community Counselling Service is a voluntary organisation and a registered charity with two agencies, Number 22 in Maidenhead and Youth Talk in Windsor, working with people from within the borough as well as the towns and villages beyond. Set up in 1976, we offer free and confidential counselling primarily to young people aged 12-25 and those who care for them through an appointment-based service for as long as they need it. We also provide counselling to others within the community who are in need of support as well as running outreach programmes in local schools, colleges and youth clubs.

We exist solely for public benefit and our primary aim is to preserve and protect both physical and mental health and to relieve distress of young persons and others in need within our community.

Unlike many similar services in other towns and cities, we offer 50-minute counselling sessions that are completely free at the point of delivery. We do not time-limit our clients, they may continues to make use of our services for as long as they need it. Clients can refer themselves or are referred to us by local doctors, mental health teams, social workers and teachers.

Counsellors at Number 22 and Youth Talk focus on the person and how they feel about their lives; the counselling process is client led. Counselling enables people to make sense of their thoughts and feelings in the hope that they can make decisions about what they want to do to bring about change in their lives. Counselling also provides a means of support and a space where clients can feel valued and heard.

Who to contact

Number 22: 01628 636661
Number 22 Counselling

Where to go

Youth Talk
65 Alma Road

Other Details



Age Suitability

Age Range
12 years, 0 months to 25 years, 0 months


This information has been collected from third party providers therefore the Slough Family Information Service website and Slough Borough Council cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information and recommends that parents, carers, young people, residents and professionals check with providers regarding DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) and OFSTED registrations and CQC registrations