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Oratory Montessori Day nursery

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"Working towards excellence in Childcare". As we are responsible for the early years it is our aim to sow seeds which will never be uprooted. We encourage children to be happy and confident in whatever they do so that they are ready to face any new experiences when they leave us.


Who to contact

Shauna Fosker
01628 665621
The Oratory Montessori Day nursery does not offer 2 year old funding.  However, there are other nurseries in the locality that do offer this facility. 

Where to go

The Oratory Montessori Day Nursery
10, Lower Britwell Road

Very close to Burnham train station, Bus routes 5, 5A and 1

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
Baby room - full day £65.00 (8-6pm) per session-babies
Toddler room - full day £64.00 (8-6pm) per session-toddlers
Pre-school room - full day £63.00 (8-6pm) per session-pre school
We offer universal 15 hour funded session for children the term after their third birthday.  The 15 hour funding is offered term time for three hours per day 9am to 12noon.  Any additional hours have to be paid for by the parent.  This funding can be stretched over the year - for quotes on the costs of this option please email.  We offer 30 hour funding when parents are eligible.  This funding is approved by the government and parents need to apply online to see if they are eligible. This funding is offered term time for six hours per day between 9-3pm.  Any additional hours have to be paid for by the parent.  This funding can be stretched over the year - for quotes on the costs of this option please email.  Discounts on full day and monthly rates.

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access

Has Provision
The Oratory is situated in a converted house with several staircases. However, we do have limited accessibility in our pre-school classroom for children 3 to 5 years. Unfortunately, our baby unit and toddler units are not accessible due to two flights of stairs.

Special Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Autism spectrum
We have experience of the additional needs selected. If you have a child with another area that needs support please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate them.

Dietary Needs

Has Provision
Experience with
Allergies to Dairy, Gluten and Nuts. Vegetarian options available daily.

Cultural Provisions

Has Provision
Experience with
We pride ourselves on being a multi-cultural setting and embrace many faiths and cultures within the setting whilst maintaining a our British values of mutual respect and tolerance. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, Harvest Festival, Eid and Diwali. We love cooking a variety of foods from different cultures.

Childcare Information


Immediate vacancies
We do have some availability for children age 3 months to 5 year
Date updated

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 Hours Extended Entitlement

Intending to provide 30 hours entitlement
Registered to provide 30 hours entitlement

Tax Free Childcare

Signed up for tax free childcare?

Opening Times & Facilities

Full Time
Messy Play Area
Themed Sessions
Open Space
Sleeping Area
Visit & Outings
House based activities
Arts & Crafts
Music Room
Quiet Room
Both indoor and outdoor activities
Out-door Play
Walks to local park etc

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer


The rooms are based on four different levels with stair cases. There is a small garden in front and a large garden at the back of the setting. The main access  to the large garden is  through a stair case .

The policies and procedures are reviewed annually and as and when necessary; these are kept at the foyer  for  parents’ access. The parents’ notice board provides lots of information.  Parents are also sent monthly newsletter to keep them up to date.


Contact Name
Shauna Fosker
Contact Telephone
Contact Email
Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years (0-4 years)

Extended Local Offer Response

Special Educational Needs Policy

Special Educational Needs (SEN)


The nursery is committed to the inclusion of all children. All children have the right to be cared for and educated to develop to their full potential alongside each other through positive experiences, to enable them to share opportunities and experiences and develop and learn from each other. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs.

The nursery believes that all children have a right to experience and develop alongside their peers no matter what their individual needs. Each child’s needs are unique, therefore any attempt to categorise children is inappropriate.

The nursery is committed to working alongside parents in the provision for their child’s individual needs to enable us to help the child to develop to their full potential. The nursery is committed to working with any child who has a specific need and/or disability and making reasonable adjustments to enable every child to make full use of the nursery’s facilities. All children have a right to a broad and well-balanced early learning environment.

We feel it is paramount to find out as much as possible about a particular child’s condition and the way that may affect his/her early learning or care needs by:

•  Liaising with the child’s parents

•  Liaising with any professional agencies

•  Reading any reports that have been prepared

•  Attending any review meetings with the local authority/professionals

•  Regularly monitoring observations carried out on the child’s  development.

All children will be given a full settling in period when joining the nursery according to their individual needs.


We will: 

•Recognise each child’s individual needs and ensure all staff are aware of, and have regard for, the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice  on identification and assessment of any needs not being met by the universal service provided by the nursery

•Include all children and their families in our provision

•Provide well informed and suitably trained practitioners to help support parents and children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

•Develop and maintain as far as possible a core team of staff who are experienced in the care of children with additional needs and employ a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who is experienced in the care and assessment of children with additional needs.  Where appropriate and if possible staff will be provided with specific training relating to Special Educational Needs (SEN) and the SEN Code of Practice

•Identify the specific needs of children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and meet those needs through a range of strategies

•Ensure that children who learn quicker, e.g. gifted and talented children are also supported

•Work in partnership with parents and other agencies in order to meet individual children's needs, including the health and education authorities, and seek advice, support and training where required

•Monitor and review our practice and provision and, if necessary, make adjustments, and seek specialist equipment and services if needed

•Ensure that all children are treated as equals and are encouraged to take part in every aspect of the nursery day according to their individual needs and abilities

•Promote positive images and role models during play experiences of those with additional needs wherever possible

•Celebrate diversity in all aspects of play and learning.  

Our nursery Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Lydia Whalley

She works closely with all staff to make sure there are systems in place to plan, implement, monitor, review and evaluate the special educational needs policy of the nursery, always making sure plans and records are shared with parents.


We will: 

•Designate a member of staff to be Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and share her name with parents 

•Ensure that the provision for children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is the responsibility of all members of staff in the nursery 

•Ensure that our inclusive admissions practice includes equality of access and opportunity 

•Ensure that our physical environment is as far as possible suitable for children and adults with disabilities 

•Work closely with parents to create and maintain a positive partnership which supports their child(ren) 

•Ensure that parents are informed at all stages of the assessment, planning, provision and review of their child's education 

•Provide parents with information on sources of independent advice and support 

•Liaise with other professionals involved with children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and their families, including transfer arrangements to other settings and schools. We work closely with the next care setting and meet with them to discuss the child’s needs to ensure information exchange and continuity of care 

•Use the graduated response system for identifying, assessing and responding to children's special educational needs 

•Provide a broad and balanced early learning environment for all children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities 

•Provide differentiated activities to meet all individual needs and abilities 

•Use a system of planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities 

•Review IEPs regularly and hold review meetings with parents at this time 

•Ensure that children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities are consulted at all stages of the graduated response, taking into account their levels of ability 

•Use a system for keeping records of the assessment, planning, provision and review for children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities 

•Provide resources if possible (human and financial) to implement our SEN/disability policy 

•Ensure the privacy of children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities when intimate care is being provided 

•Use a Common Assessment Framework (CAF) where needed 

•Provide in-service training for practitioners and volunteers 

•Raise awareness of any specialism the setting has to offer, e.g. Makaton trained staff 

•Ensure the effectiveness of our SEN/disability provision by collecting information from a range of sources e.g. IEP reviews, staff and management meetings, parental and external agencies’ views, inspections and complaints. This information is collated, evaluated and reviewed annually.

•Provide a complaints procedure and make available if at all possible to all parents in a format that meets their needs.  If this is not possible the Senco or Manager will go through the process with parents. 

•Monitor and review our policy annually. 

Special educational needs code of practice 

It is the duty of the nursery to carry out our statutory duties to identify, assess and make provision for children’s special educational needs. The Code of Practice  recommends that our nursery should adopt a graduated approach to assessment. Good practice of working together with parents, and the observation and monitoring of children’s individual progress, will help identify any child with special educational needs. Our nursery has identified a member of staff as a SENCO who will work alongside parents to assess the child’s strengths and plan for future support. The SENCO will ensure that appropriate records are kept according to the Code of Practice.

Teaching and Learning

At the Oratory Montessori School, every child has a designated key person, who works closely with children and families to support children in their learning and development .Our Special Educational needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is  Lydia Whalley.  If you feel your child needs additional support , please speak to the Manager or Lydia. 

Our SENCO  will work closely with the key person, parents, other professionals and the Early Years Area  SENCO to provide the best possible support for your child. 

We assess children’s learning and development according to the guide lines  provided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters  guidance.  We also have just installed the Tapestry Record keeping system which is linked to the EYFS and the Montessori system.  Parents will eventually be able to access their child's learning journal through the Tapestry system. 

Identifying and Assessing Special Educational Needs

Before starting at the Oratory, we offer settling in times for your child. During the settling in period you can discuss     your child’s learning and developmental needs with the SENCO.

The SENCO will provide you with necessary information regarding, how the setting will support your child, depending on the needs.

The key person and the SENCO will work closely with you and your child ;through observation, assessment and IEP, they will support your child in learning and development.    

Involving Parents and Children and Young People in Planning and Reviewing Progress

You are able to access your child’s learning journals at any time and speak to the key person on a daily basis about your child’s progress and needs. Our parents’ information boards will provide you with necessary information such as, daily routines and activities and other relevant information. Parents are offered termly parents meetings with the key persons. We will frequently communicate with you through, newsletters.   Most importantly we have an open door policy for all our parents, we are always available for a chat.

Additional Support

The setting will be supported by the Area SENCO where necessary, QCL team, Speech and Language Therapists, Service supporting Autism and Health Visitors and Paediatric Occupational and Physiotherapy.

We can on occasions able to access funds for your child  from the Slough Borough Council LDD Team, if the local criteria is met.

The support needed will be identified by the SENCO and the key person. They will work together with you, other professionals and the area SENCO to support your child.

Extra Activities

We have an Outing policy in place but at the moment do not take the children on outings.


Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children and Young People with SEN

Please refer to our SEN policy.

Keeping Up to Date with Knowledge and Skills

Our staff team consist of two Montessori Teachers and a trainee Montessori teacher, level three qualified Early Years practitioners, two level two qualified early years practitioners and the manager is Montessori qualified. The environment is planned and adapted to suite each and individual learning and developmental needs of all our children. There are Paediatric first aid qualified staff on site at all times. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure the children’s safety and well being.  

The setting  will be supported by the Slough Quality Care and Learning team. We will work with other relevant professionals to support your child.


We have a transition policy in place to support children during transitions. We invite Teachers from schools and other settings to spend time with the children before they start school or move to another setting. The key persons will arrange meetings with  the Teachers and you prior to starting school.

Helpful Contacts

Please contact the manager Shauna Fosker for more information.  email

You can access information about the Local offer from Slough Borough Council Family Information Service website,  

GDPR  -  Our date protection officer is Sonia Scott.  She can be contact by email:

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This information has been collected from third party providers therefore the Slough Family Information Service website and Slough Borough Council cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information and recommends that parents, carers, young people, residents and professionals check with providers regarding DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) and OFSTED registrations and CQC registrations