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Young people volunteering

Jobs and volunteering opportunities

Looking for work can be challenging and sometimes frustrating, there are now more competition for opportunities so it’s all about what makes you the most suitable candidate. There are many things you can do to find work, including building up on your skills and experience through education, work experience and voluntary work.

Other means of employment include: Supported Internships, Apprenticeship, work based learning with gaining a recognised vocational qualification. 

Volunteering is when you choose to give your time to help others, either in your local community or elsewhere. It can take lots of different forms – formal or informal, individual or in groups, indoors or outdoors. Volunteers contribute a wide range of skills such as administration, IT, care for children/elderly people, accountancy, gardening and sports. Volunteers don’t get paid, instead they get the satisfaction of helping others, a chance to make new friends and an opportunity to develop new skills.